Saturday, May 24, 2014

The 2014 Sustainability Leaders Survey

GlobeSan and SustainAbility launched The 2014 Sustainability Leaders survey. The longest-running opinion poll of its kind, this year’s annual report marks 20 years’ worth of tracking and analysis on the evolution of the sustainability agenda, and of the leaders and institutions most responsible for driving it forward.

One name stands out: Unilever. The brands following next include Patagonia, Interface, Marks & Spencer, Nestle and Natura.

Competitive pressure and green consumerism are perceived to be the biggest drivers of corporate sustainability over the next five years. In addition, technology and the private sector are seen as the biggest drivers of gains in the near future, while the economic aspects of sustainable development are anticipated to get more attention than environmental or social issues.

This survay is not an objective analysis of which companies, or any other institutions, are genuinely performing best. It only reflects the prevailing opinion of experts as to which few of the many high performing companies are viewed as leaders, and as such, it is profoundly interesting.

Read the report and learn about the survey's key findings:

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